Monday, May 19, 2008

Dorney Park

Well, most of you probably already know this but my family doesn't have the greatest luck. In anything. Cars, contests, furniture, appliances, electrical equipment, you name it it's broken. So anyway, I should have expected it to rain when we had the chance to get cheap tickets to Dorney Park from the Girl Scouts. And. It. Rained. Excuse me, it didn't just rain, it poured buckets of cold water from the heavens. But we plugged along anyway. And as sometimes happens, we were rewarded for our (stupidity) perserverance. Two hours into our day at Dorney, the torrential downpours changed to a drizzle and then miraculously the sun came out! We were completely soaked to the skin but we ended up staying another four hours and we really had a great time. I even used a hot air hand dryer to dry my heiney while Scott and Bridgette drove the antique cars!

So needless to say, I was not about to bring my camera into the park when it was pouring. Thus, we have no pictures of our fun day except these three from the parking lot as we were leaving.

Bridgette was a little bummed that she couldn't ride the really big roller coasters because you had to be 48 in and she was only 44 . That girl has no fear! I was 14 before I would even think about riding a roller coaster. But I ended up taking her on the "kiddie" version of a roller coaster called the Dragon and boy was it scary! I totally was surprised when it whipped us around and down this little hill. It was so fast. Yeah, I told you I'm kind of a wuss!

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