Friday, February 15, 2008

The Poky Little Puppy

Valentines Day was nice this year. Pretty quiet, but we all got some treats.
Here is the story of our Valentines Day as narrated by our poky puppy Haru:
This is daddy opening a box of chocolate fortune cookies. He also got Peanut Butter Hearts but who cares because he won't share them with me anyway!

This is Bridgette opening her first present. I was very interested to see what she got.

Ooooh! I love Littlest Pet Shop toys! They are so little I can crunch them in my mouth and no one notices!

Yum! A chocolate toad with gummi bugs inside! I will be sure to snatch this when no one is looking. Yeah, I know chocolate is bad for dogs but you only live once!

I'm not sure what this is...Maybe if I can just stick my nose in here...

Ok...I'll try this side...

Awesome! More Littlest Pets! And one looks like me!

Ok. Fun's over. I'm out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Hunt is On...

My new obsession? Finding a Wii. I got a chance to do some bowling at my friends' apartment this past weekend and it was awesome! I came home and told the rest of the house how much I loved it and now we have decided to actively search for one. I can only imagine how awesome Super Smash Brothers will be when we are all jumping around the living room pretending to be Kirby or Mario or Jigglypuff! However, they are still ridiculously hard to get. So, I signed up for itracker which is a website that is supposed to email you if any wiis come into stores near you. Not sure how effective this is but its worth a try. Lots of people have told me I am just gonna have to call Walmart everyday until they tell me they have some in. So I will keep trying...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


So I think the settings of my blog have been keeping me from updating...seriously. I have been trying out different colors, templates and images but none of them are making me happy. They are actually making me feel uninspired. So, I decided to change to plain white. I like it! But the biggest change of all is ***Ta da*** I made myself a title logo!
Now, you're thinking, what was the kick in the pants that finally got me to change it? Well, I also designed a new logo for the stores website so it was sort of a knock off of that. Here is the stores new logo:If you would like to see it in all its glory on the website, go to
I know this doesn't sound like much but it took me hours to perfect and a lot of frustration.
Hope you like both of my new logos!