Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like a broken record...

First of all, I can not begin to express how many times I have said, (using my best mom-like voice) "Please do not sit on the counter."
Bridgette: "Why?"
Me (using frustrated mom tone): "Because you could fall and get hurt."
Bridgette: "OK." (hopping down)
Never the less, this is what I find tonight when I go in the bathroom:

She's not even using the sink!!!! She's playing a game!!! Look at her face. She knows!!! So despite the multitude of warnings, the spoken consequences she's still doing it.
I give up...
I just have to laugh and grab my camera.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some More...

Here's some more layouts for the challenge:

No winner yet but I did get an awesome email about the layout above! The person who sent it said some very flattering things. Thanks for the encouragment Willow!

Thanks for the positive feedback I've been getting. It means so much!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Big Picture Scrapbooking is having a challenge this month to create a layout a day. I decided to accept since this will help me to achieve my goal of 200 layouts this year. So far I have pretty much stayed on track and only had to catch myself up once. Here are the seven layouts I have created so far:

I forgot to mention they are giving out a prize every day so that has also kept my momentum going. I am pretty proud of myself!

Friday, January 4, 2008

31 Days of December Mini Album

I got the idea for this mini album from a message board that I belong to and she got the idea from a blog. I thought it was so cute that I scraplifted the idea and made it my own. If you would like to see the original go to:
I had a lot of fun with this although some days I forgot to take pictures. I really think it helped my work on my photography skills.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


This year there are some things I would like to accomplish and I am going to work hard to achieve them. So putting them here is the first start and maybe will help me accomplish them.
1. Work on becoming more financially secure. Save, Save, Save!
2. Play with Bridgette more. We need to have a little more fun in our lives.
3. Scrap 200 layouts this year. I think that is a lot but I just read about someone who plans to do more that 1200!!! Good luck, I say!
4. Take a fun vacation. This is kind of dependant on #1 because if I can't save, there will be no vacation...but I would really like to be able to go away for more than 3 days like last year. I don't care where, just take me away!
5. Volunteer somehow. I'm not sure what I will do because my time is so limited but there are plenty of options out there to make a difference.
6. Host at least two fundraiser crops.
7. Train Haru not to jump on people. This is my biggest pet peeve about other dogs and now that I have one, he does it too! I can not have this. We will have to go back to doggy school.
8. Make a concerted effort to let the people in my life know how much they mean to me. Whether it be telling them or letting them know in other ways, I want everyone to know I love them.
9. Be nicer to Scott. This is a tough one. It's not that I am mean I just tend to take everything out on him. And I know we all do this but even if I can catch myself once in a while and stop, that will make a difference. Now if I could just get him to stop taking me for granted...
10. Exercise!!! Yes, I already do but apparently not enough because my gut is not going anywhere. Maybe I can re-evaluate what I am doing and try to eat a few less kit kats.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's

We didn't do much for New Year's this year but we had fun anyway. We stayed home and played some games, had a little wine (just me and Scott---milk for B) and watched the ball drop. Here are the highlights:
We made it to midnight but just barely.

Bridgette is finally old enought to play Scrabble and we really got into it.

AHHHH!!! I can't even believe I posted that! Oh well, now you know what I look like at 11 at night!

This was New Year's Day. Poor Looby is usually safe from my torment but Scott pointed out that I didn't have any christmas pics of her in my Christmas mini album so I cornered her in the scrap room and made her look silly.

Bridgette got a bed tent for Christmas and the dog loves to curl up in there.

Pictionary Jr. We let B do all of the drawing while Scott and I guessed. She did a fabulous job!