Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Easter came on a really nice day this year, luckily, and this little bunny got to hunt eggs at two different places:

All the above were from her hunt at grandmas.

The pretty Tulips I picked up at redners:

This is the Webkins Owl Bridgette got. She named him Chirascuro. In case you don't know, like most of my family, chiarascuro is an Italian art term that means light and dark. What 8 year old knows that?
The golden egg:

The message in the golden egg:

Hunting eggs at home:

The Easter Bunny hid this egg behind the tire but the wind decided to move it:

B was a little dissapointed that we did not go see the big Bunny himself this year. Not sure why, since we haven't gone to see him the past two years either. I think she may be trying to convince herself he is real...
Today she told me I should tell the Bunny she really liked the golden egg idea (there was a message in there to help her find her basket). I told her that I had his secret telephone number and I would let him know. She replied, "Well, if he has a telephone, he must be real." LOL! I love her reasoning!


michelle said...

love all of the easter pictures. i cant get over how smart bridgette is!!!!
hope to see you soon!

Marlooney said...

Gorgeous pictures....and I LOVE that owl!