Monday, May 18, 2009


I threw a surprise party for my hubby this past Sunday and he was really surprised! Here's what he looke like when he walked in:

Bridgette yelling SURPRISE!

My friends:

Scott and his mom. Don't they look alike?

My BIL and my FIL. Don't they really look alike too? You can tell who each son takes after!

My MIL, her boyfriend Larry and my SIL Chris:

My Mom and B:

My silly dog spying on my friend Adrienne:
The cake!

He blew the candles out too fast! So I made him pose for this one. LOL!

All of us afterwards:

I had really hard time keeping this from him. He's my best friend and my sounding board for everything so there were so many times I just wanted to blurt it out and ask him what he thought. And, silly me used invitations that were too large for the postage on them so they all came back in my mailbox stamped with "Additional Postage Required". Of course, Scott saw them first but luckily that didn't tip him off! And Bridgette and I managed to keep our mouths shut and I really think he was surprised.

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michelle said...

awwww!! so fun!! u guys looks great and im glad the surprise went over well! happy birthday scott!!!!