Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to School

Better late than never! Here are a few pics of B on her first day of third grade!
She never wants to give me a good smile anymore:

B and daddy (aka the mailman) before he left for work:

Getting on the bus:

So far B really seems to like third grade. Her teacher seems really nice and B likes her. Scott and I are going in tomorrow to meet with the "gifted" teacher, the guidance counselor and the principal to get B into the gifted program. She was tested over the summer and recommended for the program. She was also recommended for an ADD test so we are going to talk about that too.

Soccer started a few weeks ago so we have been pretty crazy with that and the whole back to school thing. Her first game is Saturday and she is super excited! I am really impressed with the way she is playing this year. She seems to really be paying attention and trying hard to improve. Of course, she still gets knocked around constantly since she is the littlest girl on the team but she always gets right back up.

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Jackie - aka funhockeymom25 said...

katie loved 3rd grade! i am sure b will love it too!