Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Well, I can't believe it but eight years ago yesterday I married the best guy in the whole world. He made me laugh the first time I met him and he keeps cracking me up to this day.

I don't have any pics scanned into the computer from that day so you'll have to make due with this one from the beach this year. (You really don't want to see my medusa hair anyway!) I think it's fitting because B took it!
Scott was sick and had to work all day so we didn't do much except go out to dinner. But we had fun and it was nice to spend some alone time together.
I love you sweetie and I can't wait for eight more!


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! We did not do much either, met for lunch. We are lucky gals to have these wonderful guys!


Jackie - aka funhockeymom25 said...

happy anniversary!!!