Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have to give Bridgette a lot of credit. She's got part of my genes and, while not as dominate as Scott's, they are present. And I think, unfortunately, she has gotten my athletic ability. Which doesn't exist. But like I said, I have to give her credit. She trys really hard and really does enjoy soccer and want to play. When she first started playing soccer last year, Scott and I tried to make her understand that as long as she does her best, we will be proud. Last year, her best was pretty much picking grass nd running away from the ball. This year, she has figured out that as long as she runs with the ball it looks like she's working hard. But that's ok, I am proud of her anyway. And as long as she keeps asking to play, we'll keep putting her on a team.

This is what she looks like most of the time during the games (also, take note of her co-hort Lauren standing next to her. They are so much alike in personality is is scary):

But she does do this a lot to:

As a side note, Bridgette's team is so far kicking butt! They have won every game they played except one where they tied. Go Eagles!

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