Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like a broken record...

First of all, I can not begin to express how many times I have said, (using my best mom-like voice) "Please do not sit on the counter."
Bridgette: "Why?"
Me (using frustrated mom tone): "Because you could fall and get hurt."
Bridgette: "OK." (hopping down)
Never the less, this is what I find tonight when I go in the bathroom:

She's not even using the sink!!!! She's playing a game!!! Look at her face. She knows!!! So despite the multitude of warnings, the spoken consequences she's still doing it.
I give up...
I just have to laugh and grab my camera.


Daily dose of Dana said...

lol...Molly does the same stuff, and sometimes I have to turn around and laugh, and pray she doesn't see me!!! Beth her cute little face is cracking me up!!!!1

michelle said...

oh my god, i love her face!! she is soooo "caught" and does not even care! ha!!!! just let her sit there. deal with it later if she falls and gets hurt. ;)