Thursday, February 7, 2008


So I think the settings of my blog have been keeping me from updating...seriously. I have been trying out different colors, templates and images but none of them are making me happy. They are actually making me feel uninspired. So, I decided to change to plain white. I like it! But the biggest change of all is ***Ta da*** I made myself a title logo!
Now, you're thinking, what was the kick in the pants that finally got me to change it? Well, I also designed a new logo for the stores website so it was sort of a knock off of that. Here is the stores new logo:If you would like to see it in all its glory on the website, go to
I know this doesn't sound like much but it took me hours to perfect and a lot of frustration.
Hope you like both of my new logos!



they are both VERY pretty!!

Daily dose of Dana said...

i love them both - is your store open on Monday the 18th?? I am off and would like to come up and check out your product I am getting ready to start again!!!! Plus maybe we could do lunch!