Friday, February 15, 2008

The Poky Little Puppy

Valentines Day was nice this year. Pretty quiet, but we all got some treats.
Here is the story of our Valentines Day as narrated by our poky puppy Haru:
This is daddy opening a box of chocolate fortune cookies. He also got Peanut Butter Hearts but who cares because he won't share them with me anyway!

This is Bridgette opening her first present. I was very interested to see what she got.

Ooooh! I love Littlest Pet Shop toys! They are so little I can crunch them in my mouth and no one notices!

Yum! A chocolate toad with gummi bugs inside! I will be sure to snatch this when no one is looking. Yeah, I know chocolate is bad for dogs but you only live once!

I'm not sure what this is...Maybe if I can just stick my nose in here...

Ok...I'll try this side...

Awesome! More Littlest Pets! And one looks like me!

Ok. Fun's over. I'm out!

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Daily dose of Dana said...

Lucky girl I wish I got lots and lots of stuff for Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day Beth, Scott and Bridget and to the Poky Little Puppy too!