Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Fun

Halloween runs a close second to Christmas as the favorite holiday in the Bussler house. We love dressing up and getting spooky! Here are a few pictures of Bridgette dressed up on Halloween:

She was dressed as Charmander, a fire breathing Pokemon. Her costume was made at the last minute by her talented Grammy when we couldn't find anything else! Thanks Grammy! Daddy painted her face with orange and black face paint so the costume would be more authentic.

And here are a few from her class Halloween party. I volunteered as a homeroom helper and got to walk in the parade with them. They are all such great kids!

We played Halloween Bingo made by yours truly, as well as a really cute Halloween joke game which you know was right up B's alley!

1 comment:

scrappermimi said...

Oh, wow! I just love the new look of your blog! Cool tree!

The kiddo's look great for Halloween, I just love homemade costumes. Your grammy did a great job!