Monday, March 2, 2009

Girl Scout Camping

Bridgette and I went camping this weekend at Camp Laughing Waters in Gilbertsville. Despite getting no sleep and having a lot of 'downtime' it was a great weekend of bonding for the two of us. B. made lots of crafts, played flashlight tag, sang lots of songs and made lots of new friends!

Here's a few pics:

A group shot of everybody who went in our troop.

Bridgette took this one of the mom's acting silly. She only got about half of us!

The girls!

Outside our cabin (yes, it was heated!)

Me on my bunk taken by B.

Making crafts

Playing some sort of switch partners game.

Making more crafts.

Playing card games in a neighbors bunk.
As much as I loved spending time with Bridgette, I don't know if I will do it again. I think I'll stick to enjoying nature through the windo of my nice warm house!

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Daily dose of Dana said...

thats me - no thank you on the camping thing!!!!! remember newlyweds with jessica simpson and nick lachey - the camping episode - thats me!!!! I am glad you had heat though!!!!