Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No School

Bridgette had an unexpected day off yesterday due to the ice and wind. A lot of families in our area lost power so the district decided to close. We took advantage of the time off to spend some QT together. First, we lazed around on the couch watching TV and playing Littlest Pet Shop. Then, Bridgette wanted to go to McDonalds so we headed over there for some lunch. When we got home we wrapped the presents she got at the Santa Shop at school. I actually did most of the wrapping but she was in charge of the tape and filling out the tags.

It was nice haning out together with nothing to do. I can't wait for the next snow day!



She is really cute!!!!

Daily dose of Dana said...

She is adorable! Thats what I was going to say Gess!!!!!